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Peacocks, Picasso… the effects of romantic motives on creativity

I just read an interesting article on the possible evolutionary function of creativity. In a series of experiments researchers at Arizona State University tested if people were more creative if they were primed for sex. »For men, any cue designed to activate a short-term (academia for a one night stand) or a long-term mating goal (academia for more sex) increased creative displays.« So when men first got to view sexy women and thought they might get sex, they boosted up their displays of creativity, and it didn’t matter how little or how much sex was being offered. Women however only increased their creativity when they thought they had a chance of getting a trustworthy long-term partner that their friends liked.

Science is fun!

TL;DR: Creativity is all about getting sex.

Peacocks, Picasso, and Parental Investment: The Effects of Romanitic Motives on Creativity. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 2006.