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From Ridiculous to Brilliant: Why We Play at Work

During one of my semi-regular sessions of searching for new input on play at work or play for creativity I found this talk:

‘The American workplace might be better off if it borrowed some concepts from a typical kindergarten classroom, including bins with toys, and unstructured time with friends. Two partners from IDEO, a global power in design and branding, discuss the importance of play in their creative process, and offer techniques that other organizations could profit from.’

Link to MIT lecture on play for creativity


Workshop på liv och död

Den 1 april kommer jag att hålla en workshop på Procivitas i Helsingborg. Cirka 80 elever och 80 “representanter från näringslivet” kommer att få jobba med frågan: Hur gör vi det mer attraktivt att bli blodgivare? Region Skånes blodcentral har stora problem att rekrytera blodgivare och vill ha vår hjälp.