My research is about adult play as a facilitator of creativity in organizational contexts. More about my research can be found scattered about on this blog as well as on the my info page at the Department of Psychology, Lund University, Sweden.

My current project involves testing how playfulness can be cues during boring work meetings. Here is a short video about the project that was made for the 2013 European Innovation Conference – Innovation in Mind.




Speaking gigs and workshops
As a native English speaker (from California) and long-term resident of Sweden I am equally comfortable speaking in both English and Swedish (link to a talk broadcasted on Swedish national television). My topics are all related to organizational psychology. These are general topics and my talks or workshops are always tailored to meet the audience and client’s specific needs.
• Creativity and innovation
• Play and playfulness
• Happiness at Work


Is concept for engaging organizations in applied research of human behavior.  As an interdisciplinary collaboration of psychology researchers, design experts and savvy technologists, the aim is always to find the most elegant investigation methods to measure and understand human behavior. www.superlab.se (the site is still under construction)


Books and stuff
I have written a book about happiness at work and co-authored a university textbook about creativity (will be published late 2013) both unfortunately in Swedish.

I recently wrote an article entitled A Fresh Look on Work for the Japanese/international magazine SGI Quartarly. And contributed the chapter “Impact of Play on Workplace Creativity” in the book Creativity Research
An Inter-Disciplinary and Multi-Disciplinary Research Handbook.



Since I compulsively check my email this is also the best way to contact me: samuel@samuelwest.se. Or call +46 709-386298.