I am a licensed clinical psychologist and have a PhD in organizational psychology. My research focuses on innovation and what organizations can do to promote a climate of exploration and experimentation.

Museum of Failure
The majority of all innovation projects fail and the museum showcases these failures to provide visitors a fascinating learning experience. The collection consists of over eighty failed products and services from around the world, and provides unique insight into the risky business of innovation. The museum is located in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Speaking engagements and workshops
My most popular keynote is: Learning from failure: lessons from the Museum of Failure. My workshops focus on improving organizational learning from failure, and on how teams can build the climate of psychological safety that is essential for innovation.

Pop-up Museum
For larger events, the Museum of Failure is available as a pop-up museum.

samuel@samuelwest.se And via Facebook.

New York Times, Quartz,  NBC News, Financial Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Tech World, El Pais, The Verge, and many more…

And some of my books:
• Creativity Research: An Interdisciplinary and Multi-Disciplinary Research Handbook. Info.
• The Art of Happiness at Work – pdf Only in Swedish.
• Creativity: Theory and Practice. A university textbook in Swedish.  info.